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Written by Ashley

Since April is Earth month and summer is fast approaching, we have the perfect giveaway for you! Get yourself geared up for summer with the hottest selling 100% natural sunscreen at the Wynn Las Vegas/Encore Las Vegas. MelanSol will keep you totally moisturized & protected, without the chemicals OR the guilt! What more could you want, especially around this time of year?

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What are you waiting for? Enter now! You don’t want to end up looking like this after a day at the beach…  10 lucky winners will be tan line free.

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FOR OFFICIAL ENTRY: [Contest ends May 7, 2010 – Open to US Residents Only]

  • Comment below what you did to help out the Earth this month!
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  • This month, like every month…I recycled all plastic, paper, & aluminum. I also used reusable bags when shopping, turned lights off when leaving a room, turned water off while doing dishes and brushing teeth, etc. These are things I do daily, month after month!
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  • I recycle all of our plastic bottles,bags, cardboard boxes etc. through our cities program.

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  • I try to recycle, purchase locally grown organic produce and use natural skincare and household products as much as possible. This has been ongoing for many years. Its more of a lifesyle.

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  • Turned off lights when I left the room, turned off water while brushing teeth, purchased tote bags at supermarket, and planted trees at our neighborhood park!

  • I created my own personal paper/trash/plastic bins. I also changed all the light bulbs in my home with Energy Star light bulbs, used my tote bags when I went shopping, and turns off all unused electronics/lights at home.

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  • We only use the reusable totes now when we go shopping. We love using those!

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  • Wow! That pic of the sunburn is making me hurt!

    This month I brought “real” silverware, plates, cups and even fabric napkins to work so I would stop using the disposable ones.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!! 🙂

  • Since I already converted my light bulbs, recycle, use my own bags and take public transportation, I decided to finally switch out all my cleaning and household products for all natural ones. When an item was used up, it was recycled and replaced with a natural substitute. No more toxins for me when I clean:)

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  • Ordered in healthy lunch for my office (sans wasteful napkins and plastic utensils), bought some eco friendly jewelry from Real Jewels at the GreenShows EcoLuxe Boutique in Grand Central, and picked up litter along my walk to work in NYC!

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  • We’ve been pretty green for as long as I’ve been married. (HInt: we’re celebrating our 20th the first week in May.) We compost everything, recycle glass, plastic, aluminum, paper, and cardboard. We don’t use paper plates or anything disposable like that. Green cleaners and steam are the way to go as far as cleaning. And I guess for the past 2 years we’ve been using our own shopping bags. Oh and the energy saving light bulbs. WOW, I don’t think I left anything out.
    I’m sure I may be a little guilty as far as skincare and makeup but even that I’m buying less and using up what I do have.
    Yea Mama Earth!

  • Ok, I did forget something. We use the PUR filter on the tap and a brita filter pitcher upstairs and at the office. Trying to cut down on the plastic bottles. I knew I’d keep remembering things. LOL

  • I turn off lights when I leave a room, turned off water while brushing teeth, use reusable bags when shopping, and am in the process of planting more trees on our property…

  • I recycle every week, my glass, cardboard, paper, tin cans, If I don’t finish water bottles, or coffee I use it on my plants outside. I also bring my own reusable bags when shopping, run all my errands in one day and walk whenever possible.

  • I recycled everything I could, I refused bags and utensils when I bought takeout, and I put a bucket in my shower to catch the water than ran while I was waiting for it to heat up and used it to flush the toilet.

  • This month I saved water by showering with a friend (well, boyfriend), used my new travel coffee mug for my daily starbucks and used candles instead of electricity on Earth day which was actually pretty cool!

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  • we compost, recycle, and try to buy used or less. this month we planted a little herb garden so we could harvest our own seasonings!

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