Win It: The Shellac Mani at NYC’s Jin Soon Spa

Written by Ashley

In NYC? Enter to win a FREE indestructible Shellac 2-week manicure from CND at Jin Soon Hand and Foot Spa.

Since my introduction to the Shellac manicure, I’ve been hooked. Every two weeks, without fail, I haul myself up to Jin Soon Hand and Foot Spa in NYC’s Upper East Side for one reason, and one reason only. No… not to gawk at the old men… that’s Bryce’s territory.  And no… it’s not for . It’s for my Shellac attack.   I know, I know… you’ve already heard me preach the word about the ultimate, longest lasting, goes on like a polish but wears like STEEL manicure experience (Read about my new love affair with my nails here), but believe me, this is no fad. With my frantic typing by day and out with the ladies for drinks by night lifestyle, normal manicure stands a chance. I am eternally thankful for this revolutionary technology that has done nothing short of change the way I will get glammed up, forever.


If you want in on the action, no need to shell out the$45 to try it out, although it is WELL worth the dough. Let me emphasize here… mirror shine and no chipping after 2 weeks. For realsies

Enter to be one of 5 lucky ladies to win a gift certificate to a full Shellac manicure from NYC’s Upper East Side gem of a salon, Jin Soon Hand and Foot Spa. Their work has been seen in Allure, W & Elle on the likes of Ashlee Simpson and Gwyneth Paltrow. The staff is nothing but kind, courteous and eager to please, and their array of hot teas to sip on is the cherry on the relaxation sundae.


FOR OFFICIAL ENTRY (Giveaway ends June 25 – Gift Certificate valid for Jin Soon Hand and Foot Spa UES location Only):

  • Comment below telling us which spot in NYC is YOUR go-to for a night out with the ladies.
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a fun-loving, twenty-something living in Brooklyn. She spends most of her time absorbing all the life, tofu and whiskey that NYC has to offer. Her current obsessions? BDG High-waisted leggings, vintage boot shopping in Williamsburg, Katherine Kwei's sling bag and Melanie Marie's two-finger horn ring.


  • Well, as one who enjoys imbibing on alcohol, there are many places the girls and I enjoy…it really all depends on the mood we’re in but some highlights: Tortilla Flats, Harry’s Italian, Marquee, Bar Coastal, Village Lantern, Makers, Carnival, AVA, B Bar, and Sin Sin/Leopard Lounge.

  • The 18th floor at The Standard… so much fun and such a chic spot, not to mention the views!! It’s a best bet for the start of a girls night out. Go before 8:30pm though, when it is still open to the public. @sugaraim2

  • Buddakan is great for fun drinks and awesome ambiance! To dance the night away, Hudson Terrace is always a good time.

  • Arena is a must do if you wish to impress an out of towner- or native New Yorker! It is a posh club with an underground true school vibe, great music and performances, really good sound with the city’s best LED programmable lighting system. Really high tech with sound and light, but the motif is very classic, (crystal chandeliers, beautiful moldings) and then there are the go-go poles. Another good thing is, not many ppl know about this place. Its not blown up, and its absolutely stellar as a private event space. Its not the type of place that’s open every weekend. (think Capitale, another fave) I suggest the monthly Asseteria party for good house music. (Its on Sundays). Both men and women perform, and there are some really good dancers. Not just a bunch of ppl doing the two-step.

    On another note, Bobo is one of my fave restaurants. It would be my actual fave if I believed in having faves ;-). It takes up two floors of an old townhouse apt in the West Village. The food is gourmet organic, and ethically, sustainably, and locally raised. It’s absolutely delicious and the ambiance is very romantic and relaxing. There is a big garden out back, and they bring boardgames out during brunch. Both carnivores and vegetarians, as well as vegans, would have many options to choose from. The vibe is Boho/Bougie.

  • LIPS is my favorite place to go to. It is a restaurant with drag queens and live entertainment. It is so much fun and a great place to go with friends or if your out-of-town. The drag queens are HILARIOUS and the place is decorated cute 🙂

  • 1,2,3 Burger, Redemption Bar and Grill, Windfall, Down the Hatch and 1849 are SOME of the awesome places to have fun. Their drink specials are great and the settings of each venue is fun, warm and inviting.

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  • Stanton Social…amazing food to share with great company! Hudson terrace…lovely view and fun atmosphere!

  • I don’t really go out drinking but I do like going to awesome eateries for dinner like Kittichai, Basta Pasta, ‘inoteca, Kampuchea, AQ Kafe, Mercer Kitchen, Gemma, DBGB, Artisanal and more! I prefer chill locations that being in a meat market but if my single girlfriends are on the \hunt\ then I’d take them to a place like Gansevoort hotel rooftop bar, Arlo & Esme, and Mehanta (very different vibes and price points on all three places).

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  • A great girls night out for us is just relaxing on the benches of the Bohemian Beer Garden in Astoria with steins of beer.

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