You Should Pee in the Shower. Really.

Written by Bryce

We Luxury Spotters love to save the planet. In fact, we’re real big on it.  We encourage our readers to recycle their lipstick tubes, use bio-friendly hairsprays, lather up with organic soaps, and pee in the shower to save energy.  Pee in the shower?  Oh wait, no, that’s just for our Brazilian readers.

Seriously, there’s an animated video put out by SOS Mata Atlantica (a green group that’s mission is to preserve the Atlantic rainforest) that uses cartoon images of Mahatma Ghandi, King Kong, our Statue of Liberty, aliens, and handicapped people to show that peeing in the shower is a positive thing.  Yes, that’s right, Ghandi is shown in cartoon form pissing behind a translucent shower curtain.  I’m sure there’s a whole sub-culture of weirdos that’ll love that.

SOS Mata Atlantica says the rainforest used to cover Brazil’s whole Atlantic seaboard, but now toughly 12% remains.  Recife, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are heavily to blame.  I’ve been to all those cities, and now I can’t help but imagine all the sexy people going out, drinking rumtastic cocktails, getting sweaty in the Brazilian heat, and heading home to shower and pee all at once.

The point is that each person can use up to 4,380 liters of water a year just by flushing the toilet.  The video aims to encourage people to save on water consumption.  Hey, a few liters a day can really add up.

According to Mario Mantovani, the group’s mobilization director, “In these times of financial crisis when the answer to everything is ‘no’ we wanted to bring a ‘yes’ to people’s everyday lives, encouraging them to pee in the shower.”

“The environment appreciates the amount of water saved on each flush, which can be as much as 12 litres.”

And, for those of you more patriotic American types, you can always just get your organic, free-trade made shampoo out of some nipples!


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