You Wanna Win Some Sugar?

Written by Ashley

Nobody likes it, nobody wants to talk about it, everyone wants to hide it.

Chapped Lips SUCK! It ruins everyone’s day.

BUT..DON’T YOU WORRY!  The Luxury Spot is giving YOU the answer to a chapped set of lips.

We are giving away TEN FREE Tarte Lip fRxation Sugar Exfoliator & Lip Balm Duo

WHO DOESN’T LOVE SUGAR?  deeelish  and it comes with a cute little carry case, with a MIRROR attached.

Ugh, I’m in love <3

Check out RachelR’s review of these sugary treats!

Our lovely ladies and lads at Tarte Cosmetics are just dolls 🙂

Enter the giveaway below :

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  • while I’ve long relied on a toothbrush and sugar/olive oil mix to exfoliate my lips, I would gladly give up this ritual of mine to won a tarte lip kit! P.S – for lips to look “bee stung” ala Angelina Jolie I scrub my kisser with a mix of salt, cayenne pepper, and olive oil…swells the lips and makes them the best natural color they can be! My grandmother taught me that trick…

  • Wow! This would be a great product to win. It’s cute and practical all in one, and with the winter coming, we could all use a little TLC for our lips. I love it!

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