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10 Best Vitamin C Foods That Aren’t Citrus

Written by andy

Boost your immune system the fruity way!

Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients around. Your body needs it for healthy immune function, and it will increase antioxidant activity–reducing the risk of free radical and oxidative stress damage. We all know that oranges, lemons, and grapefruits are excellent sources of Vitamin C, but what if you don’t like these fruits? Here are the best Vitamin C foods that AREN’T citrus:

  • Cherries — The acerola cherry contains up to 65 times the amount of Vitamin C you’d get from an orange–more Vitamin C than any other food on the planet. However, they can be hard to find in raw fruit form (more common in powder), but you can still get plenty of Vitamin C from regular cherries.
  • Blackcurrants –– Dark, rich, and fragrant, these berries contain around 180 mg of Vitamin C per serving. Plus, they’re loaded with iron to boost circulation, potassium for a healthy water balance, and  B vitamins for a healthy heart.
  • Strawberries –– These little berries are so much more than just a delicious dessert; they’re also one of the best Vitamin C foods around! There are wonderful antioxidants that will help to reduce oxidative stress, and the high fiber content makes these berries AMAZING for your digestion.
  • Papayas –– Papayas are an awesome tropical fruit, and you can get 100% of your Vitamin C DV from just a single serving of the fruit. The bright orange color indicates a high Vitamin A content, making it an excellent option for healthy eyes, skin, and hair as well.
  • Kiwi ––  This little fruit contains more Vitamin C than an orange or grapefruit; no real surprise, given its powerful tang! Kiwis contain the same amount of potassium as bananas, and they’ll help balance your electrolytes. Finally, they contain flavonoids that will act as a free radical eliminator.

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  • Leafy greens — Think kale, spinach, chard, and all the other dark, leafy greens! These greens are packed with Vitamin C–as much as 130 mg in a single serving. They’re also rich in nutrients like iron, folic acid, and dietary fiber. The fiber in these leafy greens are amazing for your digestive health, and they will help to eliminate toxins from your system.
  • Guavas — Guava fruits contains over 250 mg of Vitamin C in a single fruit, making them an excellent choice if you’re trying to fight off a cold. You can get folic acid, dietary fiber, and even manganese from the little fruit.
  • Broccoli –– Of course broccoli made it onto the list! It’s one of the best veggie sources of Vitamin C, with over 90 mg of the vitamin per serving. It’s also rich in fiber, iron, and other minerals, making it a wicked diet and detox food.
  • Bell peppers –– The more colorful, the better! Bell peppers contain plenty of Vitamin C, but the red, yellow, and orange peppers also contain Vitamin A. These fruits are amazing for your heart health, as they can reduce your risk of stroke, prevent clots, and boost circulation.
  • Melons —  Did you know that you can get nearly 100 mg of Vitamin C from a large cup of melon? A small serving contains 67 mg, along with plenty of beta-carotene and potassium. You’ll find that it’s amazing for your hair, skin, and nail health, along with your immune system.

If you want to have a strong immune system, these are the best Vitamin C foods for you to eat!

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