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10 Foods to Avoid During Breastfeeding

Written by andy

Do it for your baby’s sake!

Breastfeeding is a very important part of raising a healthy child! Not only does it provide them with vital nutrients, but it also helps to form their immune system and digestive system. To have a strong, healthy baby, it’s always a good idea to breastfeed.

But if you’re going to be feeding the little one, you have to watch what you feed yourself! Here are foods to avoid during breastfeeding, or until your little one is fully weaned:

  1. Citrus fruits –– This may seem an odd choice, but the truth is that the highly acidic citrus fruits may irritate your baby’s digestive tract. It could lead to diaper rash, spitting up, or even diarrhea. Best to get your Vitamin C from spinach or mangoes.
  2. Coffee –– You don’t want a buzzed, awake baby, do you? Caffeine can be passed through your breast milk, stimulating the child’s central nervous system–not a good thing at that age! Babies take longer to eliminate caffeine, and it can cause serious sleep problems.
  3. Broccoli –– “Gassy” veggies like broccoli and cabbage can lead to a gassy baby, thanks to their high sulfur content. It’s best to avoid broccoli just in case your baby can’t handle it. The last thing you want is a baby fussing over gas pains.
  4. Chocolate –– Chocolate also contains caffeine, which may be passed on to your little one. While the amounts of caffeine aren’t noticeable for you, they could affect your baby much more noticeably.
  5. Spicy foods –– While the chili and spice may not bother you, it could affect your baby much more than you realize. Spicy foods can irritate your baby’s digestive tract, leading to a fussy, irritated baby. Not all babies suffer from this problem, but it’s important that you understand this problem before you continue eating spicy foods as normal.

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  1. Alcohol –– A glass of wine before bed may be relaxing, but having more than one drink (of beer, wine, or spirits) per day can be a problem for your little one. The alcohol will not only irritate baby’s GI tract, but you can cause alcohol poisoning in your newborn.
  2. Peanuts –– For those with a family history of peanut allergies, it’s better to be VERY careful with peanuts! Even if none of your kids have a peanut allergy, you don’t want to find out the hard way with your little one. The same goes for any type of food allergies! It’s better safe than sorry.
  3. Garlic –– Garlic may taste great, but it’s high sulfur content is going to cause all sorts of problems in your baby’s digestive tract. Eating garlic can taint your breast milk, for up to two hours after your meal. Many babies won’t drink the milk, or they’ll put up a fuss about it. It’s better just to cut garlic for as long as you are breastfeeding.
  4. Fish –– Your body may be able to handle some heavy metals, but your baby is unequipped to process these toxins. Fish may contain mercury or other heavy metals, which can be passed on via your breast milk. These toxins can do serious harm to your little one, so it’s best to avoid fish until baby is weaned.
  5. Peppermint –– This may be soothing to your stomach, but it may stop your breasts from producing enough milk. More than two or three cups per day can reduce milk production, which is why it’s used AFTER the baby is weaned. But while the little one is still feeding, avoid peppermint tea!



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