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10 Panties for $30 Sale, Because It’s Your Lucky Day

Written by Bryce

OMG cheap panties alert!

Remember back in the early 2000s when every 17 year old girl would wait with baited breath for the Victoria’s Secret 5 for $25 panties sale? Well, this is even better — because we found out that AE is currently running a super limited time 10 for $30 sale, and that means it’s time to stock up and what basically amounts to disposable, cheap panties.

These tassly little numbers are part of the 10 for $30 deal

For example, these cutout boycut briefs were $9.50 each at one point, then $3.99 and now $3 each when you account for the 10 for $30 deal. They also come in other colors, like a particularly cute rich royal blue.

We’re also fond of some of the other deeply discounted styles like these:

Shine Boybrief, one of the cheap panties styles on sale now


This classic thong is similar to everyone’s favorite Hanky Panky style, but way cheaper

The sale is running a fairly limited time and features dozens of styles, colors, shapes, and a variety of sizes. If nothing else, you can consider these perfect for vacation packing because if you lose them you probably won’t care at $3 a pop.

Check out the entire selection of 10 for $30 cheap panties here (and btw, they’re selling cute one piece bathing suits for $30 a pop now too).

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