10 Reasons to Love Chinese Dick

chinese dick
Written by Gary

Chinese dick is the most underrated and misunderstood dick of all.

I don’t know where stereotypes come from, but I’m going to take a stand and say that ethnic dicks, especially Chinese dick, are the victims of an unfair stereotype in society.

chinese dick


The same way that dicks hailing from African countries are perceived to be huge, dicks from Asian countries are perceived to be small. The truth is, there are tiny dicks and huge dicks in every culture and country in the world. Most of the dicks I have seen have been boring old white, but I’ve seen goliath monster dicks, and tiny fingerling potato dicks, and I have loved them all in one way or another. I can’t speak for every Chinese man out there, but I am part Chinese and am perfectly happy with the wonderful Chinese dick nature (my mom) gave me. So, if you have always been curious about Eastern schlong and are thinking about adding a few to your repertoire (which you should absolutely do), here are 10 reasons why you should love Chinese dick:

A Chinese dick is less likely to be an alcoholic. Many Asian ethnicities can’t metabolize alcohol enzymes properly, so if you are the kind of girl that is attractive to messy alcoholics, do yourself a favor and jump on a Chinese dick tonight.

Of a survey of 116 countries, China came in at 4.2 inches and #108 on the list. I will admit this is on the smaller end of the list, but great news if you have a small vagina.

Chinese dicks are courteous, and more likely to pick up the check at dinner than their Caucasian counterparts. If you like being wined and dined, maybe Chinese dick is what’s for dinner.

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Chinese dicks value family. If you are going to lock one down, you should be prepared to suck up to a mother figure who will probably never outwardly approve of you.

Chinese dick doesn’t cry. This is a bit of a stereotype, but in most Asian cultures crying is seen as weakness, so many Asian men are uncomfortable crying, and will put on a brave face for you. This is great if you are uncomfortable with emotion, especially if you are a waspy white female whose parents never even said the L word.

Chinese dicks are lucky. This one isn’t really based in science, but the same way that unwrapping a red envelope in Chinese culture means good luck (and often comes with a monetary gift), unwrapping a Chinese dick is the same thing, but your gift comes with a free orgasm. Throw some 8s on this and carry on.

Chinese dicks aren’t into PDA. In general, I think PDA is tacky, so I am on China’s side here, but if you hitch yourself to a Chinese dick, he most likely won’t maul you in public, which is a great thing since dicks are meant to be enjoyed behind closed doors.

Chinese dicks can be insecure. Speaking as someone who is familiar with Chinese culture, I can tell you that a lot of Chinese parents are hard on their kids, and this can lead to self-esteem issues and problems with insecurity. This can be a great thing if you are emotionally manipulative, and a bad thing if you hate making other people feel good about themselves. It’s like two sides to the same coin.

Chinese dicks are considerate. Even though I don’t agree with stereotypes, sometimes they serve a good purpose. In regards to Chinese dick, because of Asian penis size stereotypes, Chinese men are more likely to do whatever they have to do to make sure you are sexually satisfied, which is a great thing if you require a lot of stimulation to reach the finish line.

Chinese dicks aren’t presumptuous. Because most Asian men aren’t raised to believe the world owes them something (like some of their Caucasian counterparts), you are a lot more likely to meet a Chinese man who treats you like you matter, which can be great for any American girl who has had her heart broken a time or two.

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