5 Ways to Tell if Someone is Your Best Friend

I have 12 best friends. I know that may seem kind of like a high number, but there are 12 people in this world who I have let past my intensely thick walls of bullshit. Once you get to the best friend level with me, there really is no escape. Someone once told me that everyone has two families; the one they are born into, and the one they make for themselves. Best friends fulfill things in you that your birth family never could, namely because you get to choose them. Here are five ways you can tell if someone is your best friend.

best friends

You have remained friends through some truly bat-shit experiences. Car accidents, illegal activities, heists, drunken nights, and holiday dinners are just a few examples of the crazy shenanigans you and your best friends have been through. My guess is, surviving them has both brought you closer together, and provided you with plenty of inside jokes to annoy your other acquaintances.

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