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6 Gardnerella Treatments to Try

Written by andy

Try the natural way to defeat this bacterial infection…

Gardnerella Vaginitis, also known as bacterial vaginosis, is the most common cause of vaginal discharge and odor. It occurs when the bacteria naturally present in the vagina are somehow affected. The harmless Lactobacillus bacteria are replaced by harmful bacteria that cause an infection, and that infection can lead to  the “fishy” odor and white or yellow discharge.

If you’re looking for gardnerella treatments, you could always go the medical route. Medications like metronidazole or clindamycin are the most commonly prescribed to deal with the problem, either orally or topically. However, if you prefer the natural route, here are a few other treatments to try:

  • Apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar isn’t just one of the most effective gardnerella treatments; it’s an effective treatment for MOST bacterial infections. The antiseptic properties of the vinegar can kill off the bacteria causing the infection. You can drink the vinegar, use it in warm water to cleanse the infected area, or even use it as a douche.
  • Yogurt – Yes, yogurt is going to help fight off the bacterial infection! Yogurt contains a lot of the lactobacillus bacteria that naturally occurs in the vagina. Using yogurt to treat the infection will help to restore control to your body’s natural beneficial bacteria. Plus, it can improve the pH balance in your vagina and make it inhospitable to the bad bacteria. Simply dip a tampon on plain, unsweetened yogurt and insert for a few hours a day. Do this twice daily and you should see the infection clear up quickly. Add a bit more yogurt to your diet as well.
  • Cold compress – Is the pain or itching driving you insane? A cold compress can help to reduce the inflammation caused by the infection, preventing serious pain. Wrap a few ice cubes in a clean piece of cloth and apply it to your vagina. Keep it there for only a few minutes at a time. Take a break for a minute or two, then re-apply. Do this a few times a day to relieve pain. Or, try flushing your vagina with very cold water for instant pain reduction.

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  • Chamomile – If the itching or burning is really bad, try the naturally soothing properties of chamomile. Brew a strong cup of chamomile tea, place the tea bag in the freezer for 10 minutes, and apply the cold tea bag to your vagina. You can also use the tea as a douche or vaginal wash.  Do this a few times a day to reduce and soothe the infection.
  • Garlic – You may not want to put garlic anywhere near your “lady parts”, but garlic is one heck of a bacteria-killer. You can mix garlic with olive oil or coconut oil and apply the mixture to the infected area a couple of times a day. Eat more garlic—raw and cooked—and take garlic pills. More garlic = more effective immunity to disease and more effective killing of the bacteria.
  •  Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil has amazing antiseptic and antibacterial properties, making it one of the most effective gardnerella treatments to try. Add a few drops of the oil into warm water and use the mixture to wash your vagina. Or, mix a drop of tea tree oil with a few drops of almond oil and use a cotton swab to apply the oily mixture to the infected area. The tea tree oil will do wonders to get rid of the bacteria.

These gardnerella treatments are 100% natural, yet no less effective than you’d like!

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