“If You Really Knew Me” You’d Know I Love Mustaches

Written by Ashley

After a ‘lazy’ Sunday of one reallll boozy brunch & the AllSaints Pool Party,  Steph & I watched the latest episode of MTV’s newest member of the reality show lineup, “If You Really Knew Me“.  Maybe it was the approximately 7,894 Bellini’s consumed prior to tuning in (our bartender actually uttered… “I’ve never seen anyone drink that many, this round’s on me“) but we found that there was something much more captivating than the premise of this heart-wrenching high-school together-ness show.  Challenge Day group leader Vinny had a new mustache. And it was spectacular.

Inspiration grew, resulting in a mad  search on the interwebs for mustache goodies to keep the luster of such a statement facial adornment with us until the next episode is aired. Andddd, we found it:

This cork-screw/bottle opener combo by Fred is by far the most sophisticated & appropriate tool that we found that would keep our love for boozy brunch, ironic mustaches, & inspirational MTV reality shows (didn’t think they existed, huh?) alive.

[PopDeluxe.com $12.99]

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