8Tracks Spotting: Covers You Should Know

More great cover songs for dat ass.

8Tracks allows users to create and share playlists. Each week I’ll highlight my favorites. This week: Covers You Should Know by adamikus.

If you’ve been reading The Luxury Spot for a while, you know I’m a sucker for cover songs. This compilation introduced me to a couple I’d never heard before, but am ob.sess.ed with. Favorites below.

Feeling Good – Muse covering Nina Simone: Covering Nina Simone is no easy feat, but Muse owns on this bluesy track.

Cupid – Amy Winehouse covering Sam Cooke: It’s only appropriate that one star who died tragically young covers another, right? Amy puts her own twist on this classic (we wouldn’t expect anything less).

Piece of My Heart – Janis Joplin covering Emma Franklin: Did you know “Piece of My Heart” was a cover? Me either. Still, any excuse is a good one to jam out to Joplin.

I Heard it Through the Grapevine – The Kaiser Chiefs covering Marvin Gaye: “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” has been done to death, but I love a good revival.

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