8Tracks Spotting: The Last Sunny Days of Autumn

8Tracks allows users to create and share playlists. Each week I’ll spotlight my favorites. This week: The Last Sunny Days of Autumn by grahamer.

It might have snowed on Halloween weekend, but Mother Nature (or global warming) has been making up for it ever since. I don’t know why it’s still kosh to wear a leather jacket in mid-to-late November, but I’m grateful. This week’s featured playlist, created by 8Tracks user grahamer. Here are a few highlights.

Better for You by Said the Whale: This song is perfect for two maybe, Autumnal semi-lovers who are caught at the crossroads. So like, every teenage romance.

Skinny Love by Bon Iver: I don’t care how many times you’ve heard it, this song makes you want to snuggle someone to death.

Soul Meets Body by Death Cab Cutie: If my life were a movie called Riding in Cars with Boys, it’d basically have no dialogue. Just “Soul Meets Body” over and over again.

Home by Mumford & Sons: M&S basically has a monopoly on fall music, and I’m not complaining.

Janglin by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes: This is a great song for crunching leaves under your feet. In fact, I’m gonna go do that now.

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