8Tracks Spotting: Sexy Blues

This week, we got the blues.

8Tracks allows users to create and share playlists. Each week I’ll highlight my favorites. This week: Sexy Blues by Scoreback.

As the curator of this playlist describes it, “You’re in a foreign city, it’s late at night, the streets are empty. A single neon sign lights up a side street with the word: Blues. You go inside and follow the stairs down to the basement. You order a whiskey and sit down as the first artist is about to hit the stage.” Try not going to “that place” when you listen to this playlist. It’s impossible! Highlights below.

Trouble Blues by Charles Brown: This tune makes me want to disappear from my life for awhile and head for the closest Speakeasy.

End of the Blues by Earl Hooker: A great instrumental to jam to. A brief aside pays homage to Elvis’ “Heartbreak Hotel.”

Dimples by John Lee Hooker: The best alternative to a cutesy “I have a crush on you” ballad.

The House of the Rising Sun by Raveling Blues: A great cover for a great song.

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