8Tracks Spotting: Songs to be alone to

8Tracks allows users to create and share playlists. Each week I’ll spotlight my favorites. This week: Songs to be alone to by cookc3.

Sometimes you’re all about party anthems, and sometimes you want to be left the fuck alone so you can crawl into your dark place. It’s one of those days for me. Join in my emodom with this week’s featured playlist, created by 8Tracks user cookc3. Here are a few highlights.

Steadier Footing by Death Cab for Cutie — It’s a short one, but it totally packs a quick punch and reminds you of the people you used to know

Casimir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens — It should be court mandated that you pair this song with a cup of tea

Things I Cannot Recall by Blind Pilot — A quiet treat that captures how terrible it feels to miss someone

I Love the Rain the Most by Joe Purdy — Few songs make me wish it were raining, this one tops the list

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