There is an Actual Troll Underneath This Bridge

fremont troll
Written by Gary

A real life bridge troll.

Is the Fremont Troll in Seattle a work of art or an eyesore?

fremont troll

When it comes to public art, I do believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The Fremont Troll is a public sculpture located in Seattle, under the Aurora bridge, in the neighborhood of Fremont. The sculpture is so big that it actually clutches a real-life Volkswagon Beetle. Some people love it, and some think it’s totally hideous, but chances are not everyone knows its story.

Originally constructed in 1990 out of rebar, wire and concrete, the troll was built by the community and stands at 18 feet high. It clutches a Volkswagon beetle that used to function as a time capsule of Elvis memorabilia in its left hand, which was initially designed as a protest against outside development because it had California plates. The plate was since stolen, but the car remains, although it has probably seen better days.

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The troll attracts thousands of tourists every year, so I guess people still like it, although frankly I think it looks like Sir Ian Mckellen on a really bad day.

fremont troll fremont troll fremont troll fremont troll

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