Art Spotting: Yago Hortal

Written by Casey

Neon and abstract? Yago is totally heading up our alley right now.

When viewing Yago Hortal’s paintings, you immediately feel as if you are entering a portal of color, light and exuberance. Hortal was born in 1983, a Barcelona-born artist, he studied at the University of Barcelona, and now works and resides in Berlin. His abstract art is most noticed for it’s use of explosive and vibrant neon colors. What stands out most about his pieces are the noticeable brush strokes adding an element of realism and three-dimensional form to his pieces.

Yago Hortal admits himself that there is no alternate theory he is trying to hide. He describes, “A painting that talks about painting, and in consequence, about its own language autonomy, is a whirlpool that extends to infinity, a pictorial-rational loop.” Just as his the gorgeous neon colors, are a fresh of breath air in today’s post-modern art scene, he focuses just the same on the actual paintbrush strokes themselves.

To add some more brightness and joy into your day, check out Yago’s website here.

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