Ashlee Gets Axed From Melrose Place and No One Cares

Written by Emily

It’s being rumored that Ashlee Simpson’s recent departure from Melrose Place has nothing to do with just the writing, as producers had been claiming.  Apparently it was Ashlee’s diva-ish antics that got her the ax.  According to a Fox News source, Ashlee “was kicked off Melrose Place because she was a total diva on set, late all the time, and deeply disliked by fellow cast members,” the insider spills. “It created a lot of discord among the cast.” Honestly, it’s probably the best.  It’s not like a) anyone cares about the show and b) no one even watches this show and c) Ashlee’s acting pretty much blows hardcore.


Her barely-a-celebrity-anymore sister Jessica sent news of the ax via her Twitter account saying “CW catching up on MP. who writes this crap? i have had bad scripts to work with,but this? thank God my sister is amazing and got you some press.”  What?!  Jessica Simpson got bad scripts that she had to work with?! SHOCKING!  Basically Ashlee, stick to your day job.  Actually, just find a job, that doesn’t involve acting or singing.  Pass this note along to your sister as well.

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