Bathroom Selfies to Fight Transphobia #WeJustNeedToPee

transgender rights
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Bathroom selfies for a cause: Trans people are fighting legislation with bathroom selfies and the viral campaign #WeJustNeedToPee.

transgender rights

As you can probably tell, transgender rights is sort of a hot button issue with me, since one of my best friends is a trans woman, and I am the first person that ever slapped a wig on her head.

In recent months, Republicans have been ramping up their anti-LGBT legislation, and have introduced ‘bathroom bills’ to penalize transgender citizens for not using the bathroom assigned to their birth gender.

In response, trans people around the world have started posting selfies in public bathrooms to bring attention to the cause, using the #WeJustNeedToPee hashtag. Brae Carnes, a transgender woman also launched the #PlettPutMeHere hashtag in response to Don Plett, the senator who introduced anti-trans legislation in the Canadian parliament.

I don’t think I even need to comment on how ludicrous these ‘bathroom bills’ are.

First off, if Republicans are worried about straight people being uncomfortable being around trans people in the restroom, ask yourself this: Are you EVER really that comfortable in a public restroom? If you aren’t worried about hovering over a toilet trying not to catch syphilis, you are probably squeezing your b-hole as tight as possible trying not to make any noise.

If Republicans are worried about trans people spying on straight people or causing them harm, there is a shit ton of evidence pointing to the exact opposite scenario happening.

Lastly, ‘bathroom bills’ aren’t actually feasible, because unless Republicans are going to station guards at every bathroom to check everyone’s genitals, there is no way of really telling who is trans and who isn’t. My best friend has been using women’s bathrooms for years and NEVER had a problem. Even in Middle America. Even in shopping malls.

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Truth be told, transgender people are fighting the good fight right now, but I have no doubt that they will win the battle for equality. The country is progressing in a positive direction, and no amount of ridiculous legislation from the Right is going to make a damn difference in the long run. So to Republicans like Don Plett, I say this: Waste your money, postpone the inevitable, and good luck worrying about whether the guy in the stall next to you courtesy flushing like a mad man was born with a penis, a vagina, or none of your fucking business.

transgender rights

transgender rights

transgender rights

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