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Body Tape and Other Surprising Must-Have Fashion Pieces for 2020

skims body tape promote
Written by Bryce

We’re kicking yesteryear’s skinny jeans to the curb, because 2020 is ushering in a whole new wave of fashion staples like body tape and Amazon jumpsuits.

SKIMS Body Tape – $36

skims body tape


Hello, hello — this is every backless, deep plunging neckline, and strapless lace-enhanced piece in your wardrobe calling. Tell your usual bras to take a seat, because this is a job for SKIMS body tape. Lift, position, perk, and mildly enhance with this easy-to-use product that lets a host of halters and exciting necklines enter your life seamlessly. If you can use a sticker, you can use body tape. You got this, and yes — this is the same line responsible for our fave-ever Kim Kardashian sweats.

Rent the Runway Unlimited $100/off 

One of the biggest fashion upgrades of 2020 will be ditching near-bankruptcy for clothes you truly love. Think we’re kidding? We’re not, and you don’t have to downgrade to hand-me-downs, either, because Rent the Runway Unlimited memberships let you wear and exchange four pieces at a time, as often as you can physically pop them back in the mail. That means you won’t have to spend $500 on the next dress and earrings combo outfit for your college roommate’s wedding, make a mistake buying jeans that you end up not loving after a wear or two, or wildly seasonal sweaters you can’t normally justify more than $40 for. Better yet, they’re ALL designer labels and you’ll cut down on laundry. Make sure you use our link for major discounts. Rent the Runway Unlimited Membership $169/monthly (use our link for $100 off)

The Drop Ana Silky V-Neck Midi Slip Dress -$49.90

the drop slip dress


Slip dresses are having a MAJOR moment, and they’re not going anywhere. Pair your favorite 90s classic with Kim K’s body tape for night, or pop it over a plain white tee for a more daytime-appropriate look.

Soma Sunday Pants – $56

soma sunday pants

One of this year’s biggest trends is a tweak to the ever-popular athleisure trend. Don’t worry, the best leggings on Amazon are still waiting for you to layer them with tunics, dresses, and gym time — but 2020 is all about making the time and space for varying degrees of comfort. These Soma Sunday pants are the comfiest sweats you’ll ever dream of, and perfect for lazy days at home, naps by the fire in the softest pajamas ever (even if they’re not really pajamas), dog walking, and other lazy adventures. Save your $200 designer leggings for the see-and-be-seen yoga workouts, because this is the year of judgement-free comfort.

TOBATOBA 20-Pack Hair Scrunchies – $9.99

amazon prime scrunchies

Can we all just breathe a sigh of relief for these Amazon Prime scrunchies being legitimately the height of 2020 style? It’s not often that the angels of fashion let the trend du jour be both practical and comfortable, and in this case, there’s an added dose of whimsical nostalgia. Heck, they’re so popular that journalists are writing major think-pieces about them. This is totally the future we were promised.

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