Calvin Klein Obsession Attracts Jaguars

Scientists have found that using Calvin Klein Obsession attracts jaguars. Yes, the wild kind.

calvin klein attracts jaguars

We have all seen those wildlife video specials on National Geographic, where scientists set up cameras in the jungle and leave them there to record everything that goes on, for like 10 years, right? These ecological research video projects always have to come up with innovative ways to attract animals, and have now found that Calvin Klein Obsession works in such a capacity.

A Bronx Zoo researcher originally discovered this by trying out a bunch of different scents hoping to discover something the animals find attractive.

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Apparently, the combination of civetone and vanilla extract creates a scent that is irresistible to jaguars, even in the wild.

The reason behind this is that civetone is derived from the sweat glands of civets, small, nocturnal cat creatures that live in jungles, so the jaguars most likely respond to this smell by trying to mark the territory as their own.

Say what you will about it, I am just happy to learn that somebody or something actually still finds Calvin Klein cologne attractive.

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