Celeb Spotting: Dumb Like A Lohan

Written by Olga

In 2012, instead of saying something is “dumb” we’ll say it’s “Lohan.” Let’s make Lohan happen.

I have a proposal for the English language: let’s replace the word “dumb” with the word “Lohan.” So instead of saying “counting large bills on the subway is so dumb,” we’ll say “counting large bills on the subway is Lohan.” Let’s try it again, instead of “Wow, why would you show up to an ex’s birthday party uninvited? That’s really dumb of you,” say “Wow, why would you show up to an ex’s birthday party uninvited? That’s really Lohan of you.” It especially works in the latter because Lilo is also known for being a stalker psycho. Anyway, my case for replacing “dumb” with “Lohan” all rests on the fact that our blonde heroine recently left a $5,000 Chanel bag, filled with her passport, probation papers and $10,000 in cash, in a car while “partying sober” (whatever the fuck that means), only to have it all stolen. Yeah, Lindsay Lohan is really fucking Lohan.

Where do I begin? First of all, if your purse is filled with cash, why wouldn’t you keep it on you? Second of all, who carries $10,000 of cash on them unless they are trying to buy a hit on someone, trying to buy a hit off of someone, or they are Jay-Z? Knowing Lilo, however, I wouldn’t put it passed her if it was actually only $10 in cash. That Lohan Lohan would say anything for attention.

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