Cleavage Acne is A Thing: Here’s How to Deal

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Cleavage acne has been killing moods since the dawn of time.

Your boobs, just like your face, back, and pretty much everywhere else on your body can get acne (cystic acne, fungal acne — basically every kind). Cleavage acne, or chest acne? It’s pretty normal stuff, and it’s not too difficult to treat. So, get your Amazon cart ready and whip off that bra because it’s pimple treating time.

One big caveat here: these tips are not for breastfeeding mamas. If you have a bun in the oven or a baby on the boob, please see a doctor for all things breast related, even cleavage acne.

cleavage acne

What causes cleavage acne?

Cleavage acne can be caused in much the same way as plain old regular acne. But, from their, eh, placement they also can get a few fresh acne causes. Cleavage acne can be caused by:

  • Boob sweat: Working out or sweaty summer? Make sure you’re taking the time to shower up and take off your sweaty bra. Acne isn’t directly caused by sweat, but soaking in your own bacteria isn’t doing you any favors.
  • Wearing dirty bras: Wash your bras, people! You don’t need to wash it with every wear if it didn’t get dirty or sweaty, but come on, every three wears at least. Having a dirty material pressed against your breasts all day can be a contributing factor to cleavage acne.
  • Clogged pores: Have you been playing around with cleavage makeup lately? Have you properly removed your cleavage makeup?
  • Hormones: Who isn’t hormonal? Acne, for some of us is absolutely tied to our hormones, and can result in a pimple or two on the boobs.

Other cleavage acne causes

You, very likely, know what your average pimple looks like. If, however you have cleavage acne presenting differently than usual, make an appointment with your dermatologist. Also, if your cleavage acne is popping up somewhere unusual like on your areola, that may be a good time to make a doctors appointment too.

And hey, while we’re here, chatting about boobies, now is a great time to remind you to self-check your breasts for breast cancer. Here’s a handy how-to guide.

Cleavage acne treatment

For run of the mill acne it’s important to make two changes. First up, start by washing your bras (sports bras included) and getting them on a more regular rotation. No more wearing the same bra for a week! Second: treat your cleavage acne with topicals!

Washing your skin with a salicylic acid acne wash is a good first step. It helps to exfoliate and remove excess oil. I also like to get my skincare acids down to the boob level. Any extra I have of the Pixi Glow Tonic or Cane and Austin Glycolic Pads goes down my neck and chest. If you have a stubborn spot, consider treating it with a benzoyl peroxide treatment. It kills the acne causing bacteria and reduces inflammation.

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