Five Creative Ways to Tell Someone You Hate Them

how to express hatred
Written by Gary

Being able to tell someone you hate them is a necessary skill, especially when you are a bad ass bitch.

how to express hatred

I don’t hate many people, but I do keep a list. In order to earn my hate you have to do something very specific and personal to me, otherwise you will just fall into the categories of “extreme dislike”, or “People I would pussy punch in a heartbeat” It isn’t often necessary to tell people you hate them, but if such a situation does arise, you might as well do it with a little flair and aplomb. Here are five ways to tell someone you hate them with a little pizzazz.

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how to express hatred

Grease their gymnastics bar before a competition.

how to express hatred

Burn their motherfucking car down.

how to express hatred

Send them an insult cake.

how to express hatred

Take them to dinner at Chipotle and then leave them toilet paper-less.

how to express hatred

Give them a bag of Starburst, but remove everything but those fucking yellows.

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