Cuddle your way around the world!

Written by Anna

Cuddle tourism is the best way to travel.

And no, I’m not just talking about creepy cuddle parties where you get to snuggle with strangers.

Though that’d be interesting, too.
Cuddling cute animals is the new and best way to travel around the world.  On your next visit to Tokyo make sure to visit the popular Calico Cafe.

Calico prides itself in having 20 resident cats that you can snuggle for a modest price of $9.  The place is super-popular, so reservations are required.  However, this fabulous experience comes with some conditions:  you cannot bring in catnip (BUMMER!) and you may “never wake a napping kitty or pick one up if it resists you”.  Also, no one under 5th grade is allowed in – which is OK, since some of them are too busy playing erotic games online, anyway.

If cats are not your can of Whiskas but you’re in Tokyo anyway, try this place! 18 staff bunnies are available to offer you some furry cuddles while you’re enjoying your coffee.  I recommend the second one down on the right – his fluffy muzzle would make any latte infinitely better. heart

If you’ve got a bit more time and a tiny bit more dough you can even rent a pet for the weekend. Seems like a horrible idea to me, considering the pet’s well-being.   A similar service in the U.S. caused a lot of controversy and is “on hold” for now, pending some legislature that will hopefully ban this.

However, sad news for the visitors of Australia.  Even though the Australian tourism industry has made craploads of money from tourists hanging out with koalas, now the animals are considered “vulnerable though not yet endangered”.  The poor little cuties are very sensitive and they get freaked out by so many people touching them.  In fact, they freak out so much that they are in danger of actually dying from stress.
So, lesson learned: keep your paws off the koalas, people!

Should you choose not to leave the good US of A, try a vacation on Cape Cod:  many B&Bs on the Cape have amazing resident pets that you can play with and, that’s right, cuddle!

Seriously, though. You want some non-committal fluffalicious pet lovin’? Stop by your local pet rescue shelter.  Don’t be silly 🙂

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a personal chef (, artist and cat-herder extraordinaire living in Boston. Born and raised in Siberia, Anna loves exploring culture, food, wine and meeting strangers along the way. Anna enjoys Lancôme mascara, Japanese street fashion, cheese and European soccer. She is getting her MBA degree from The Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis.

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