Is Your Love Life Hopeless? Try Dating a Ghost
Written by Gary

If you are the type of person who has ghostesses haunting your 5th floor walkup, then pay attention, because chances are those ghosts are so ornery because they haven’t gotten laid since they died. is an actual website dedicated to bringing people together postmortem.

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Do you have a dead old aunt that was a lovely person but preferred the company of cats to men? Does your deceased cousin secretly wish she could have dated James Dean or Elvis? Are you worried about your own love life-after-death? If so, head over to and check out some of the talent.
The great thing about hooking dead people up is that age isn’t really a consideration. The ghosts on the site are looking for everything from some rando banging to someone to haunt houses with, and even a relationship with long term potential (meaning eternity, for real this time). So, if your house or apartment has an extra undead occupant, you might consider leaving your laptop open to next time you leave the house. My thought is, if all the ghosts in the world are busy banging each other, they won’t have time to haunt our asses. Win-win, #amiright?

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