Disney Princesses as Hot Dogs

disney princess hot dogs
Written by Gary

Disney princess hot dogs are the perfect project for your kids. Or you. Whatever.

disney princess hot dogs

I hate to admit it sometimes, but I love the taste of hot dogs. And just to be clear, in this post the phrase ‘hot dogs’ will refer the kind of sausage that is edible, tastes best between a pair of buns, and is made of questionable parts of a pig or cow, or perhaps both. Actually, I give up because that still sounds like I am talking about something less savory. Whatever. Let’s continue.

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As you probably know, the Internet always has a field say with these ‘Disney princesses as…” posts. All over the world people have turned the Disney princesses into everything from wax art, to tattoos, to sex toys. Never before have I seen the kind of craftsmanship put into these Disney Princess hot dogs though, so if you are looking for a fun, edible way to spend an afternoon with kids– you can pick up the recipe for these things over at LuckyPeach.

Just please give Rapunzel’s stylist a call before you do. That corn-husk hair is a tragedy worse than Bambis’ mom dying #spoileralert.

disney princess hot dogs

disney princess hot dogs

disney princess hot dogs

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