Does Rihanna Need to Take A Bow?

Written by Karina

What to do when you’re one of the biggest pop stars in the world, but you’re also a human, too? Call your best friend Beyonce, of course.

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Rihanna’s name has been all over news reports of late, as she jets around Europe on her 101-date world tour. From the looks of the pictures we’ve seen, she’s seriously killing it as usual. But apparently, the strenuous schedule, late nights, and nonstop performing are starting to wear on her. Hmmm, 101 performances in 10 months. The lady may be fit, but even a robot would start to malfunction on a schedule like that.

Last week, several news outlets reported the star being placed under a 24-hour health watch, after concerns that she was reaching exhaustion levels were raised. In early November, she tweeted a picture of her arm with an intravenous drip, a result of the flu which caused one cancelled show in Sweden. She pulled through a string of shows in Dublin, despite feeling faint, and that’s when her record label urged for an extra close eye on her health.

The newspapers and blogs have pointed toward many potential causes for her worrisome state, mostly excessive after-show partying. Again, this is day-in-the-life sort of stuff, so it’s not that surprising. But we’d hate to see Rihanna fall in to a place that will be hard for her to pull out of. I say it’s time to take a break.

But it seems like she’s already consulted some famous besties for advice, like Beyonce and Katy Perry. Ok, they know more than I do, but even they agreed she needs to take time off after the tour wraps up this month. Though they had different views on how to finish it out, with Beyonce reportedly pushing a “Show must go on” approach (she would!), and Katy Perry urging her to step out. I’m tempted to get giddy over the thought of all these women being the sort of IRL besties who gab to each other on the phone, but I know this is serious. So Rihanna, whatever you do, just remember that no one wants to see a meltdown from you. You’re way too sweet for that.

My suggestion is that she capitalize on that crazy, Jetson-style technology that allowed Mariah Carey to perform from a hologram in November. Now that’s how you be a pop star in the 21st Century!

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