Equality Between the Sexes: Productive Versus Reproductive

Written by Gary

Marilyn Monroe may not have received credit for it, but she said a lot of smart things in her day. She realized something way before her time that I think some women today have still have not figured out. Women have a direct advantage over men in one very specific area.


Men cannot control themselves when it comes to sex. Do you know I have to masturbate every single day? If I don’t I turn into a moody, raging, bitch-monster that is very unpleasant to be around. If I spend 45 minutes masturbating every day, that is 315 minutes a week, and roughly 1,350 minutes per month that I am spending being reproductive, not productive. That number doesn’t even consider the amount of time I spend looking for actual sex, or having it.

Correct me if I’m wrong ladies, but if you really, really want to have sex all you have to do is stand on the corner with your legs open and somebody will come along.

Women have the advantage in this regard because they can spend all that time working, getting ahead in their careers, and starting businesses.

Sometimes, as a man I feel like I am a slave to sex. It is only a matter of time before women realize that weakness, and exploit it to become mistresses of the universe.

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