FDA Approves Tranquilizer Darts for Kids

tranquilizer darts for kids
Written by Gary

FDA approves anesthetic tranquilizer darts for kids, shady moms of America rejoice.

tranquilizer darts for kids

Have you ever wanted to put the little hurricane who popped out of your vagina to sleep in less than 4 seconds? Congratulations, your prayers have been answered.

The FDA recently announced it’s approval of tranquilizer darts for kids– guns to help parents with children suffering from ADHD, also known as ‘energy’. The guns have a practical range of 10-12 feet, and their effect lasts for between 4-6 hours. The manufacturers warn not to use the gun more than 1-2 times though, or your kid might become addicted.

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I can’t tell if this is amazing news, or some awful shit. In my opinion, when you have a kid you immediately take on the responsibility to deal with their behavior without the use of anesthetic weaponry. On the other hand, I know how crazy my nieces and nephews are and they don’t have ADHD, so I am the last person who would judge someone for putting their kids down for a few hours.

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