Filipino Dick: Everything You Need to Know

filipino dick
Written by Gary

Filipino dick is a tasty island treat, if you ask me

Let’s discover the ins and outs of penises from the Philippines, shall we? Did you know that the Philippines is made up entirely of over 7,500 islands, making it the second largest archipelago in the world? It’s a great destination getaway if you are looking for
a true island experience, or some amazing transgender beauty pageants. But enough about travel, let’s talk about hot Filipino dick.

It’s my new mission in life to encourage people to sleep with as many different ethnicities of people as possible. Please see my articles on Moroccan dick, Italian penis, Mexican penis, Chinese dick, Jamaican dick, Israeli dick, and Arab dick for reference. We are living in a truly racist world, so if you can become a tiny bit less systemically racist by opening your mind and legs to different cultures, please do so.

hot filipino dick

Some might call it racist to even suggest that you should try out different penises from around the world. I call it “sampling everything at the buffet table,” because you will never know if you like something until you try it. Just ask your boyfriend, who is now so addicted to having his butthole eaten he’s regularly doing butt kegels.

Filipeno men are the second largest Asian-American group in the world, second only to the Chinese, so it shouldn’t be hard to find the perfect Filipino dick for all your sexing needs. Here are a few more things you should know about Filipino dick, just to whet your appetite for the full Tagalog experience.

Filipenis. An Internet rumor that Filipino men have big dicks (a traditional Filipenis is thought to be 7.5 inches long, and a result of the mixing of Spanish and American blood with the Filipino population). The average penis size of Filipeno men is actually 4.3 inches, which is much closer to the actual 5.5 inch measurement of Asian countries overall. The Philippines is ranked 110th worldwide in terms of dick size. This term isn’t to be confused with penius, but sometimes overlaps.

People from the Philipines are referred to as Pinoy, which sounds a lot like Penis. So if you get it on with a Filipino, there’s a lot to play with there in terms of dick names, and inside jokes.

“Suck my dick” in Filipino, is “sipsipin ang aking titi.” If anyone says that to you on the street, you should either slap them, or if you are attracted to them, do it.

In the Philippines, they eat dicks. Soup No. 5 is a soup made from the dick and balls of a bull. It is thought that by eating it, the adventurous foodie will take on the attributes of said bull. I’ve eaten plenty of dicks in my day, and all I got was a sore jaw and a Subway punch card. This is a fun Filipino dick spin for foodies. Yay.

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