Forever Young, Forever Creepy

Written by Steph

Man Babies – why?

I blame the internet for a lot of things; but today I’d like to thank it.

I spent some time with my niece recently. As I held her tiny hand in mine, I was reminded of the many ways love can manifest itself. I was totally hearting babies. I thought, “I’m too young and single and unstable to have a baby anytime soon; seems unfortunate.” But then I saw And I’m fairly certain my fleeting interest in having a child is dead as Dr. Kevorkian. (This is so forever creepy I can’t even handle it.)

Man Babies isn’t exactly what it sounds like; it’s worse. Like your first period or the feeling you get when you’re fairly certain you forgot to unplug an iron. Behold:

Visit if you never want to sleep again.

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