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My Dad was awesome growing up..he had a steady 9-5 and was always there on the weekends to coach my basketball team or just hang out. Since I often write for the celebs and entertainment sections for the luxury spot, when I started thinking about Father’s Day gifts I thought about how it must be for kids with celeb parents. What is it like when your Daddy is Johnny Depp and goes away for months at a time to film a movie? What do you get your movie/rock star Dad that has everything? Well, I did a little research and here’s what I came up with for certain celeb dads…


Gavin Rossdale

Gavin Rossdale. Musician, married to Gwen Stefani, father of three, two with Gwen and one with Pearl Lowe(front woman for Powder). So what can his little chillens or the wifey get for Gavin? I’m thinking one of these bad boys, an Ion Desk Rocker. Granted, famous musicians probably have the dough and connections to have a whole recording studio to themselves but sometimes you just wanna chill in the house and rock out while you check your email..now Gavin and Gwen can listen to Bush or No Doubt and bask in their fame in the peace and privacy of their own home.

ION Audio Desk Rocker - $99.99

ION Audio Desk Rocker - $99.99

Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller

How about Ben Stiller? He’s married with a three year old(Quinlin) and a seven year old(Ella). The funny thing about Ben Stiller is that, yeah, he may be famous but he’s still kind of dorky. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s funny and I like his movies but for some reason I always picture him in real life as his character in Along Came Polly, Reuben Feffer- a risk averse, kind of cheesy, dorky guy. So for Reuben I would get one of these, an Ion Audio Slides 2 PC which enables you to take old slides and convert them into digital photos. Forgive me Ben if I’m way off but you just strike me as the slide enthusiast..giving the whole family a slideshow of “the year that was” at Christmas time.
ION Audio Slides 2 PC - $89.99

ION Audio Slides 2 PC - $69.99

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp. He’s got 2 kids, Lilly-Rose and Jack with girlfriend Vanessa Paradis. Johnny Depp is definitely hot, but he’s a funky mofo, so I can totally picture him enjoying one of these, a Numark PT-01USB. It is a set of turntables that converts old vinyl to MP3’s. Can’t you just picture Johnny Depp’s bachelor pad? I picture a loft type situation with a full wall of shelving stocked with records, a little stoner-esque I suppose, well this Father’s Day gift would fit right in.

Numark PT-01USB - $99.99

Numark PT-01USB - $99.99

To purchase any of the above items you can check out IonAudio.com and Numark.com

Celeb kids dont have it all that easy after all, this whole picking out gifts for people who have everything is not exactly the easiest task. But that’s probably the least of their worries..imagine if all your friends thought your Dad was hot? Eww..not cool! But if your Dad is Johnny Depp, deal with it because in that case, most of the world wants to bang your Dad. And that’s not personal opinion, I have scientific evidence! Speeddate.com took a survey of singles to find out which “foxy famous dad you’d most like to date”. The results?

Johnny Depp 43.1%– Well, Duh..I could’ve told you that without any research.

Brad Pitt 33.5%–Classic response, but I really wouldn’t want to end up like Jen so I’d probably steer clear of this one.

Ben Stiller 9.2%–For real? Before Gavin Rossdale?? I bet these votes came from the girls who’s “Looking For” section on the dating site says “I just want a nice Jewish boy to take care of me”

Gavin Rossdale 8.5%–Can you say jipped?? 8.5%?  Shame on you, ladies.

Matthew Broderick 5.5%–Poor little Ferris, I’d date you, dont worry about it, buddy.

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