Parenting Advice From a Gay at Home Dad

gay at home dad
Written by Gary

Parenting advice from a gay man.

Explore the fabulous life of a ‘gay at home dad’

gay at home dad

Ten years ago, if you had told me that gay people would be getting married and having kids, I would have had a hard time believing you. We are incredibly lucky to be living in the era that we do, and thanks to some shifts, gays can not only get married and join the military, but it is only a matter of time before they will be able to adopt like any other couple.

Frank Lowe is a self-proclaimed ‘gay at home dad’, and has taken to the internet to share his trials and tribulations as he raises his son Briggs.

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Lowe is married to his partner of 16 years, Jeremy. They moved from Chicago to Connecticut in 2008, and quickly got married and adopted Briggs. Lowe decided to stay home and take care of the kid, and began making fun of himself via social media. It caught on, and he became the Internet’s first gay-at-home-dad. Below is some of his expert parenting advice.

‘10 Things Every Gay-at-Home Dad Needs in His Man Bag’

The bag itself needs to be insane — none of that fake Canal Street stuff. The real deal. Mine personally never leaves the passenger seat (unless I’m in NYC or LA), but when my kid was an infant, I carried it everywhere. I change my bag with the seasons — four times a year. Currently I’m in my summer mode, which is a straw Gucci number.

  1. An iPad just for the kiddo. It needs to be full to the hilt with Disney/Pixar movies and have several brainless games. Ideal for trips to the grocery store — plug them in and say “bye.”
  2. Purell hand gel. I touch so many disgusting surfaces, I can go through a bottle in two days flat.
  3. Two plane-sized bottles of Grey Goose vodka. For “first aid.”
  4. At least four pairs of designer shades. Most activities with your kid occur outside, and that’s when pictures are going to be taken, so vary it up to keep yourself looking so, so fresh.
  5. A Tide “to go” pen. Seriously, the best invention ever. The amount of red wine spilled at play dates is staggering.
  6. Boscia green tea blotting linens. You’re always on the go, and using these give you a perfect, “just got a facial” appearance.
  7. A super-gay enormous keychain with a clip. You never want to lose your keys, so the bigger the better. The clip attaches to your bag’s zipper.
  8. A duplicate of their favorite toy. I have a Lightning McQueen with me at all points in time, just for emergencies. Also, you can threaten to throw it away if they work your last nerve in public.
  9. A small bottle of fragrance. After sitting outside on a playground all day, nothing says sexy like smelling unexpectedly amazing.
  10. An iPhone. At times this can be your only escape, or a perfect way to ignore your family when they’re acting like assholes.

*Don’t take a word I say seriously.

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