Get The Look: Emma Stone

Written by corey

Emma Stone is my spirit animal. There’s something about this effortlessly cool celebrity that just makes my knees quiver. To start, she makes me feel all of the emotions. She has me crying in one scene, laughing in another and hopeful for love in the last scene. She’s felt the magic of Ryan Gosling’s lips and she’s put Andrew Garfield under this love spell of hers. She’s snatched up every man I’ve ever wanted and she looks amazing doing it.

I’m really loving Emma’s blazer here. The blazer is basically telling everyone that Emma doesn’t care what you think because she could pay for all of you. She’s just like strolling through the airport, not caring at all because she’s flaw free. This Zara blazer works well for a lot of situations. If you want to match the look exactly, get it a size or two up for the the ill-fitting chic look. Available here.

When you’re Emma Stone, you need a big bag. There’s just something about having a chic leather backpack that screams wealth. It’s perfect for traveling or causing trouble. Coach is known for their use of leather and this men’s leather backpack is just divine. We could see it with so many outfits, not just this one. Available here.


It’s really important to have a good pair of booties. A good bootie will take you far. They’re perfect for travel, drinks and work. Don’t skimp on the price of your shoes. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but when it comes to something so essential like a bootie, you’ll want to invest in quality. Try these J.Crew ones. Available here.


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