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Glittery Minnie Mouse Shoes for Adults Exist

Written by Bryce

These glittery Minnie Mouse shoes for adults will make you excited for this year’s wedding season.

Have you been sitting around ripping out eyelashes, wishing for Minnie Mouse shoes for adults? Tell us right now, because whoever you are, you’re a voodoo magic whisperer. Your wishes have been granted, and Oscar Tiye is apparently the beautiful shoe designing genie responsible for this magical kingdom of sparkly footwear.


We know what you’re thinking, too. “But these are so high and glittery, I couldn’t possibly wear them on a day to day level. I want Minnie Mouse shoes for adults that I can actually walk in.” We feel you, and before we prove that even that wish has been granted, we’ll just show you this image to make you reconsider that viewpoint.

You know you want them.


But okay, okay — there’s a lower-heeled version you’ll be able to dance in for hours at your co-worker’s wedding.

<< amen, amen, amen, can you hear the angels singing? >>

Give us all the poofs!

They’re pretty adorbs, and these fancy schmance Minnie Mouse sandals come in a champagne-color satin as well if you’re a less adventurous Disney princess. They’re clearly the shoe of choice for living in a castle, and will pair particularly well with glitter eyebrows.

High five for Minnie Mouse shoes for adults, mmkay?


Check out the glitter version here, or the low heeled satin version here.

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