20 Things That Resemble a Huge White Dick

accidental penis
Written by Gary

If you are really observant, you can find a huge white dick almost everywhere.

accidental penis

Next time maybe say ‘hold the cream’?

I don’t know if it’s because I’m really, really gay, or just have a discerning eye for all things penis, but I see dicks everywhere. Call it a sixth sense.

Maybe its because we live in a phallus-obsessed patriarchal society, but if you take a good long look, chances are you can find dicks in everything from architecture to cloud formations, and even the food you eat every day. I have seen dicks of every color in my day, but the majority of those I’ve seen have been of the huge white dick variety, so I decided to scour the internet and round up 20 things that resemble a huge, white dick. If white dick isn’t your thing, please don’t fret. Chances are very good that a post about huge black dicks will be forthcoming, because when it comes to penises, I am all about equal opportunity.

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accidental penis

This extra crispy penis looks finger-lickin-good for a fried, huge white dick. 

accidental penis

It’s like Mother Nature cock-stamped the road.

accidental penis

I think we know what happened to Bambi’s father. He ran off with his man-friend Steven.

The most unfortunate outfit choice in nightly news history.

An upside-down dicksicle.

Whoever designed this got a life lesson in shadowing.

If you get lost, just follow the trail of shadow penises.

accidental penis

This gives new meaning to the term ‘rock hard’.accidental penis

If it was slightly more orange, this potato would look positively presidential.

accidental penis

Got wood?accidental penis

Hopefully these scissors were used for good instead of evil.

accidental penis

Somewhere inside this furry penis is a dog.

accidental penis

Two mushroom heads for the price of one? Sign me up for this pencil dick.accidental penis

Eew. Just eew.accidental penis

Hello Kitty has a lot of explaining to do.

accidental penis

A titanic white ice penis.accidental penis

This penis mushroom kind of looks like a peep.

accidental penis

Another dog hidden in a dick.

accidental penis

Chances are, if you have to climb it, it’s too big for you (speaking of surprising dick sizes, this Malay dick story will probably excite you).

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