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A Harry Potter Themed Nursery

harry potter nursery
Written by Gary

Harry Potter nursery.

This Harry Potter-themed nursery is perfect for any muggle mothers-to-be.

harry potter nursery

I never really got into Harry Potter, but I am pop-cultured enough to know that those 30 books (or whatever) took the world by storm and permanently crammed a wizard’s want up the anus of popular culture forever. People are obsessed with Harry Potter, so much so that I’m surprised there isn’t an actual Hogwart’s. Oh wait, there is, and it’s a theme park. Since the world seems to have swallowed the Harry Potter Kool-aid, it should be no surprise that people are decorating their lives with Harry Potter swag.

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For their fourth (and final) child, named Carlyle, a woman named Tiffany and her husband decided to decorate their nursery with a Harry Potter theme. She got most of the décor from Etsy, Amazon, and the Noble Collection, and it has everything from a quidditch set to a quibbler and a photo of the original Order of the Phoenix. If neither of those words meant anything to you, congratulations, we are in the same boat. If you are a Harry Potter fan and want a cool way to introduce your kid to it, you could do worse than a Harry Potter nursery of your very own.

Just make sure you keep sharp objects like magic wands away from the baby for the first few years!

harry potter nursery harry potter nursery harry potter nursery harry potter nursery harry potter nursery

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