Have a Seat…On Your Suitcase

Written by Shannon

Pull up a suitcase.

luxuryspotpic1Suitcases are not just for your clothes anymore. Some clever innovators have their creative minds to adapt the trusty suitcase to form a piece of furniture: the chair.

  1. Suitcase-cum-seat: on the surface a seemingly ingenious invention, allows you to pop open your luggage at anytime and rest those weary legs. The only thing that might cause a problem with this invention is that once you open the suitcase to a seat, all of your clothes will fall out of the suitcase.
  2. Katie Thompson began her “Recreate” interior design range in 2009. This line contains items that are made from beautifully recycled, re-purposed materials. Thompson provides a way for you to enjoy incredibly unique and surprisingly stylish ways to deal with your old luggage, such as the old suitcase attached to reinforced steel frames to form a comfortable seat for you to sit on.
  3. Igor Gurovich, Anna Naumova and Eric Belooussov, all designers of the creative design lab Ostengruppe came up with an obvious answer to the Traveler’s Cramp back in 2006. These designers came up with a suitcase that is shaped in such a way as to constantly offer a chair to its owner, without needing to manually manipulate the suitcase in the first place.
  4. Similar to Katie Thompson’s “Recreate” range, the SitBag line of furniture uses old suitcases in it’s quest for unique seating. Created by Turkish design collective MayBeDesign, these chairs are more retro than their South African counterparts, partially due to the choice of suitcases and the amazing upholstering.
  5. Do your pest ever steal your place on the couch, or you favorite chair? Well many pets do and that’s why Esty creatives Brad and Ashley Reynolds came up with suitcase pet beds. The beds consist of one half of an unused suitcase, four legs and a comfy interior for your pup to pamper her paws in style.


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