Win It: Bronzed Bod Gift Basket from Elizabeth Grant

Written by Ashley

Want a Bronzed Summer Bod? Enter To Win Our Elizabeth Grant Summer Sun Giveaway!

Are you the palest out of your friends when you guys pack the coolers and hit the beach? Or maybe you can’t even find the time right now to get to the beach but still want to show off a golden glow? Whatever your reason is for desiring a bronzed bod – we have your answer thanks to Elizabeth Grant’s Bronzed Bod Gift Basket! We know of some celebrities who have the natural glow look down, like Cameron Diaz – a big fan of Elizabeth Grant! But we all know there are others that don’t know when to lay off the sunless tanner. Don’t worry, this gift basket won’t make you look like an oompla loompa like some celebs we know and love.


The Bronzed Bod Gift Basket includes:

That means this basket is a $65 value ladies, so enter to win below!

FOR OFFICIAL ENTRY ( Contest Ends 6/4/10 Open to US Residents Only):

  • Comment below which celebrity you think needs to take a break from hitting the spray tan booth!
  • Tweet “I want to be a bronzed bombshell!” to @LuxurySpot and @EGSkincare

Get your glow on, girl.

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  • The Jersey shore cast–especially Snooki! She really does look like an Oompa Loompa! 😀 & I tweeted @jules792000

  • I think that Amanda Bynes needs to lay off of it…she is so funny & naturally beautiful but she is trying to tarnish her good image 🙁 including her beautiful skin by having a really bad orange hue to her.

    Tweeting too! @luv_mydachshund

  • I really think “The Situation” and J-Wow from Jersey shore need to lay of the spray tanning booth. Hell , as a matter of fact the whole cast from Jersey Shore need to stop with the spray on tan,and hair gel. I also think Jennifer Aniston is anoher one who can miss a couple of day from the tanning booth.

  • Whenever I see Gingy, whether it’s in the Shrek movies or in real life, I think, “Doesn’t he own a mirror?” I used to want to look like him, but while my friends said his patented self-tanning mixture of ginger, molasses, and cinnamon looked completely natural on me, I had to face reality after I disrupted a winery tour by attracting bees.

  • i don’t care real or fake, but, donatella versace & george hamilton should really give themselves a break =)

  • Mirror mirror on the wall…who has the tackiest tan of all???? Why by George Hamilton does!! Let’s remember that if sunless tanning were a sport, George Hamilton would be Michael Jordan. He’s probably been spritzing motor oil since 1963.

  • George Hamilton was my first response, I’m glad others said the same. I don’t really follow too closely “who’s orange”. LOL And, I am only familiar with “Jersey Shore” from others’ comments. I know, I should get out more. LOL

  • This is ya girl Snooki! I wanna invite all of my homegirls to a tanning party. So, Charlize, Simon, Donatella, Valentino, Brooke, and my drinkin’ frenemies Paris and Lindsay, I expect you all ta be there to get our bronze on! Whaddaya mean we’re already super tanned? You can nevah have enough orange-a-licious booty, baybah!

  • Sorry to join in on the Snookie-bashing but I just saw a paparazzi pic of her in an orange dress and she looked like a Cheeto! That girl needs a tanning intervention PRONTO.

  • When Lindsey Lohan decides to “behave,” she should also consider laying off the spray tanner as well. She has such gorgeous skin, but she looks weathered with too much tanner. 🙁

  • Well, my first two choices were used, George & Donatelle, so I’ll have to choose tara reid,(like she needs to be on another list). Love it or hate it, fake bake is the safe way to go!!

  • Do I have to choose only one?? I can think of pretty much 20 right away, haha!!
    I’d have to choose Brooke Hogan. Especially because of the attractive photo.

    So hawt.

    Also, I tweeted. 😉 @enana827

    aaaahhh…I want to be bronze….. <3

  • Oh you all have mentioned some good ones & you made me laugh!! My female choice is Snooki for sure! Does she look in the mirror?! And for the men, oh yes, George Hamilton, but you gotta love him because he doesn’t care, LOL! It is wonderful to know there are products out there that will give you a bronze goddess look without making you appear unnatural, so please count me in on this amazing giveaway!

    I am also tweeting, I’m @joannaonthelake

    Thanks so much!

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