Hes Still Got IT

Written by Alaine

Most folks that know me, know that I’m such an MJ fan (past, present, and future). I went to a midnight showing of “This is It”. The documentary of the behind-the-scenes look at Michael Jackson’s last hurrah was heartfelt and I found myself lip syncing (I’m not that kind of person who would sing aloud to all the songs in a quiet movie theater) and tapping my feet in rhythm to his music, or dancing along to the Thriller dance – which was a HOT scene btw.

The opening sequence of the movie had the dancers revisiting what an opportunity it was to audition for Michael Jackson. It was heartfelt. They spoke about how they grew up watching, imitating, and admiring MJ. Tears welled up in my eyes. I remember wearing my Michael Jackson t-shirts (yes, I had many), wearing one glove, crotch grabbing, curling a strand of tendrils to fall down the front of my face, and wearing a fedora. I was 9. I remember winning a dance contest at the shopping center to Michael Jackson’s Black or White.


Michael Jackson dancers on the Ellen DeGeneres show

Scenes with Michael Jackson singing his beloved songs were plenty and you really got to see how amazing of a performer, entertainer, and singer he was. Bless his soul. He still go IT. We love you Michael!

Take a look at this Smooth Criminal clip from the movie

I’m going to go see this documentary again with my boyfriend because it was so heartfelt and you really felt Michael’s spirit in the music, his dancing, and awesome outfits.

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