How to Facetime a Vagina

sex selfie stick
Written by Gary

The ‘sex selfie stick’ allows you to FaceTime a vagina. The inside. Seriously.

sex selfie stick

Have you ever wanted to have a discussion with someone’s genitals? I know I have. There is a list of very specific questions I would like to ask a vagina, such as: “How many dicks have been inside here”, “How many balloons of heroin would fit up here,” and the most important, “Are you afraid of babies?”

Thanks to the sex selfie stick, I may just get my chance. All I have to do is find a woman with no shame.

The ‘sex selfie stick’ is basically a vibrator with a camera at the end of it, originally designed to capture an orgasm, but then expanded to include communication between vaginas and smart phones. Because this is probably the exact use Alexander Graham Bell had in mind when he took the telephone mainstream. He was just trying to get to this moment in time. Too bad he missed it.

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Lovehoney, the company that sells the device says that it is selling remarkably well, and offers the unprecedented opportunity to really get to know your body, inside and out.

Frankly, I would be a little afraid to see inside someone’s coinslot. Call me a homo, but I think vaginas are strange looking enough on the outside.

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