How To Snag A Man, Told By Top Editors

Written by Bryce

If you’re a man magnet, Valentine’s Day is often a welcome holiday, but if you find yourself repelling and disposing of men like low-quality toilet paper, you might want to heed the advice of some of my editor friends. Here’s how to turn ’em on, or scare ’em away if you simply have too many hovering around you.

Turn ons:

“Honestly, my subtle way to lure them in is just to be happy. There’s no greater aphrodisiac than a woman who is happy and having a good time. It also helps you relax if you’re playing your options. Let them earn their place at the top, don’t just give it away.” Kristin Booker, freelance writer and blogger behind Fashion.Style.Beauty

“Since I’m married now (see, it worked!), the way I got a guy turned on and/or fall in love was to ever-so-softly purr when my face was close to his. A very gentle, soft back of the throat mmmmm, always got them crazy.”  Candice Sabatini,

“The most subtle way to turn a guy on and make him yours is through the power of your eyes.  A simple look can catch a guys attention from across a bar drawing him over to talk to you, eye sex can captivate him and as the relationship develops, the look changes naturally making him fall in love with you.” Jeannine Morris, Founder of

“Touch his junk! They are like dogs – an accidental brush and they are off to the races.” Aly Walansky,

“I have found that laughter is the best weapon. Being confident and funny goes a long way.” Valerie Hite,

My own personal advice on the matter is to act like you don’t care much at all for the first couple months of dating. Honestly, between work, friends, and being a mom I just didn’t have time to care about men much when I met my now-husband. He quickly started to do everything in his power to grab my attention. It worked, on both sides.

“My man was always used to girls flocking to him, swooning over him and being really overbearing. Obviously I didn’t know this until later, but just me being ME, my independence, and my confidence is what turned him on the most.” Zlata, as well as,, and

Turn offs:

“The biggest turnoff I can think of is to whip our your mobile phone and show him photos of you in a dozen different wedding photos, or your cat playing “dress up” in various poses, or even worse, photos of you and you EX where his head is edited out in every shot!” Alison Blackman Dunham, Editor in Chief, The Advice Sisters

“You know what scares them away? Crying. Crying on a date (particularly after a lot of alcohol and a recent breakup) is the fastest way to hasten their departure. Pull it together, only have two drinks max (or none) and for the love of all things holy, DON’T schedule a date within 2 days of your period.” Kristin Booker, freelance writer and blogger behind Fashion.Style.Beauty

“Well, to start off, tell him on date number one that you think his last name is stupid and that you have no intention of taking it, IF you do get married.  This is totally appropriate for date number one, by the way.  Another trick?  Cry.  Cry at everything and anything.  Lastly, complain about the 5lbs that you’ve gained.  That’ll always do the trick.” Jamie Stone,

“Strangely enough, men don’t seem to be turned on when I tell them that I sing the Gummy Bears theme song to my roommate’s cat, replacing the word Gummy with the name Chloe.” Nadine Jolie,

“Having your dog pee in your bed 10 minutes after sex. Mmmm yes. Ugh.” Lindsay Tigar,

“I’ve found that being funnier than they are turns them right off.” Amber Katz, <—-Editor’s note on this one, Amber Katz is the funniest human on the planet, so this sucks.


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