How to Take Your Fish For a Walk

fish walker
Written by Gary

As everyone knows, your pet fish (provided that it is still alive) often gets bored. Fish boredom is an epidemic that has existed since the dawn of church carnivals, and I say it is high time someone did something about it. Thankfully, someone invented the aquatic perambulator, or fish walker.

fish walker

Nicknamed the aquatic pram, the device was invented by Mike Warren-Madden seven years ago as a means to give his fish Malcolm (R.I.P) a more exciting life. Warren-Madden is a former sheet-metal worker, so designing the device was right up his alley. Apparently it worked, since his fish Malcolm lived to the ripe old age of 12.

If you are one of those people who can’t even keep a betta fish alive, you might consider the aquatic pram. Maybe all the dead fish you have racked up weren’t completely your fault.

Or maybe, fish were meant to live in nature where escaping from predators every day is excitement enough.

fish walker

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