Top 8 Examples of Extreme Manscaping

Extreme manscaping is proof that men can have fun with hair removal, too.

extreme manscaping

Is anyone else shocked by this? The costume department from “Clueless” called; they want their skirt back.

In this day and age, I think it is important for men to manscape. Normally a little back hair trim and a Venus razor to the balls is all I really require of my gentleman suitors, but I am well aware that some men have a little more hair to work with. The older I get, the more I become one of those men, (I have like 20 back hairs that only just grew in the past few years) so I decided to do some research on my options for manscaping in the future.

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Manscaping (in case you live in a flyover state and your husband’s bush smells like a North Korean prison camp) is the phenomenon of men taking the time to groom their body hair. Extreme manscaping is the process of guys having a sense of humor about it.

In case you need more clarification, I found the top 8 examples of extreme manscaping on The Internet. If your man’s body looks like the top of Don King’s head you might consider encouraging him to get creative with it. The Instagrams alone will be worth the cost of waking up in the morning and accidentally flossing with a wayward nipple hair.

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