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Hydrogen Peroxide in Ears: Easy Home Remedy

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Hydrogen peroxide in ears: possibly the easiest home remedy for cleaner ears of all time.

The human body is a pretty fascinating thing! It creates sebum to protect your skin from sun, heat, and radiation, snot to help flush bacteria and germs from your nasal canal, fecal matter to eliminate waste, and wax to protect your ears. It does everything necessary to ensure that your body is protected and cared for.

Of course, that doesn’t stop things from getting out of hand every once in a while. Many people experience a buildup of ear wax, to the point that their hearing is dulled or limited drastically. This is not only incredibly annoying, but it can even be dangerous. Most of us need to hear while driving, talking, or working, so ear wax buildup can be a problem.

Thankfully, there’s a quick and easy remedy to help you clean out your ears. All it takes is a bit of hydrogen peroxide!

Hydrogen Peroxide in Ears

For most people, ear wax is something they never need to worry about. An occasional cleaning is more than enough to get rid of any wax. But there are many who suffer from a genetic predisposition to excess ear wax buildup. No matter what they do, their body produces more wax than the ears need. This can lead to blockages in the ear canal.

This may not sound like a problem, but the truth is that too much ear wax can be a breeding ground for bacteria. The wax essentially feeds the bacteria, allowing it to multiply in your ear canal and causing infections. An ear infection can be painful, or at the very least cause your ears to itch. When you scratch your ears, you introduce more bacteria to the ear canal, leading to an even worse infection.

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In order to keep your ears healthy, you MUST get rid of the ear wax on a regular basis. One of the best methods for getting rid of it is using hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide melts the wax, and the longer you leave it in your ear, the more liquid the wax becomes. Eventually, the wax will simply drip right out of your ear.

So how should you use hydrogen peroxide in ears?

  1. Pull back your hair as you lie on your side.
  2. Wrap a towel around your neck and the side of your face. The hydrogen peroxide is going to drip out of your ear, and you want to avoid getting it on your clothes or bed.
  3. Pour hydrogen peroxide into the bottle cap until it is about half full. That is enough to start the process.
  4. Pour that capful of hydrogen peroxide into your ear, and feel the popping, bubbling sound. The harder it fizzes, the more bacteria it is encountering.
  5. Let it sit in your ears for up to 20 minutes, adding more hydrogen peroxide as necessary. Do not turn your head, but stay on your side to keep the hydrogen peroxide in your ear canal.
  6. After 15 to 20 minutes, turn your head to the other side and let the ear wax drip out onto a cloth or a stack of paper towels. Add hydrogen peroxide to the other ear to clean it.

One very important note: hydrogen peroxide can irritate your ear canal. The longer you leave it in, the more tender the skin of your ear will be. Be very careful when cleaning your ears after using hydrogen peroxide, as you may scratch or damage it if you are rough.


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