Daily Inspiration: Matthew Smith is 11 Years Old and Leading a 75-Piece Orchestra

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Daily inspiration alert: Matthew Smith is 11 years old, making him the youngest person ever to lead a 75-piece orchestra.

Matthew Smith

And you were feeling impressed with yourself for making it to the gym today, right? Matthew Smith is setting the bar high, because this tween from Nottingham is making waves around the world (not just the UK) for reportedly being the youngest conductor ever at set to conduct the Nottingham Symphony Orchestra at the Royal Concert Hall, and possibly everywhere else, too.

On April 2 he’ll be conducting a performance of the Stauss operetta, Die Fledermaus, and has been practicing with the orchestra once a week in advance in an effort to get the big night just so. Oh, did we mention he’s memorized the entire thing, too? Because being a musical genius apparently doesn’t come with a memory limit.

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“At first, I was nervous, but you just get used to doing it,” Matthew shared with Sky News. “But the thing is you just have to keep counting the beats.” We don’t know about you, but third grade piano class was hard enough, and this kid is talking about memorizing an entire operetta performance as if it’s a piece of cake.

When he’s not playing maestro, Matthew is well-versed in piano, guitar, viola, and drums and is often found playing any (or all) of them with happiness. He says he’s determined to be a professional musician, but if it doesn’t pan out for him he’s got his heart set on becoming a scientist of engineer. While we certainly aren’t able to see the future, we know this kid is bright enough to do just about anything.

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