Introducing Fadiouth, an Entire Island Built Out of Clam Shells

Fadiouth, Senegal
Written by Gary

Remember those shoes called Jellies that were made out of glittery rubber? Remember when you accidentally got a rock trapped in one of them and managed to rub 8 layers of flesh off your feet just by walking to the corner store? That is what I imagine life to be like on Fadiouth in Senegal, West Africa, an island built almost entirely out of clam shells.

Fadiouth, Senegal
Connected to the mainland by a narrow wooden bridge, Fadiouth makes most of it’s cash money by harvesting the meat from mollusks. They then use the shells to build everything in their village from bricks to roads, and even the island itself since millions of seashells have accumulated over the years, held together by the roots of trees. the photo above depicts the cemetery, which is completely covered over by the shells of murdered sea life.
If you find yourself futzing around Africa and want to see something really strange, Fadiouth is probably worth a look. Just don’t try and sneak up on anyone, because they will hear the sound of crunching shells from a mile away.
Also, leave your jellies at home.

Fadiouth, Senegal

Fadiouth, Senegal


Fadiouth, Senegal

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