John Edwards & Rielle Hunter – Engaged?

Written by Ashley

Oh for the love of politics.

According to The National Enquirer, sex-machine, politician & ‘mourning’ husband John Edwards

Problem #1: Did I read this right? Since when is the National Enquirer getting dish like this?

Problem #1: The obvious scornful lady hate I have for John Edwards. With a sleezy rep only bronzed in history with this ridiculous love triangle, involving his late wife Elizabeth, he fell off of my pedestal long ago.  I mean, Rielle Hunter may have all of these redeeming qualities, like her having mothered Edwards’ love child, her fine home-wrecking skillz, and her  ability to produce web videos – having been placed on contract to get some ready for Edwards’ Prez campaign back in jolly old 2008 – but is she wifey material? From what I hear, and see, most relationships built on lies, deceit & sneaking around don’t bode well in the long haul  …only time will tell.

Problem #3: The future of this love-child, and Edwards’ other children.  I can’t even imagine the gossip that will be swirling amongst the moms at soccer practice.

via CBSNews

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