Kanye’s Literary Intervention

Written by Maura

Oh my poor simple Kanye, we need to talk. I’m flashing back to Paris Hilton on this one (a very good sign that there’s a downhill turn coming!) So, in a recent interview Kanye West stated “I am not a fan of books. I would never want a book’s autograph. I am a proud non-reader of books.” There we go! Positive influence on young fans..silly, kids–reading isn’t cool, your favorite rapper doesn’t do it and is proud! C’mon, you are better than that Mr. West.

Now if you thought that was bad enough, here’s the real kicker–he’s written a book! Yes, ladies and gents Kanye(proud non-reader) has co-written a book called Thank You and You’re Welcome.  Now, although I’m sure this is Pulitzer Prize worthy material, as a proud reader of books I think I’ll be passing this one by in Barnes & Noble. 

Kanye West. Photo courtesy of www.celebrity-sunglasses-finder.com


The one book Kanye likes to read. Photo Courtesy of www.highsnobiety.com

The one book Kanye likes to read. Photo Courtesy of www.highsnobiety.com


PS..if you cant get enough of the whacko-ness that is Kanye, check out his blog KanyeUniverCity.

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